Using geo-spatial information for a better management of water resources in Africa - TIGER

Launched in 2002, TIGER is an initiative of the European Space Agency that aims to support the efforts of African countries in the management of water resources through the strengthening of their capacities in the collection, analysis and monitoring of water resources. The use of geo-spatial information from earth observation systems.

For more than 10 years, the TIGER initiative has been supporting capacity building and development projects involving nearly 40 African countries, with a total budget of more than € 11 million.

For the implementation of its activities in Africa, TIGER works in collaboration with a network of regional centers composed of 4 African institutions:

The Geoinformation and Earth Observation Sciences (USC) Faculty of the University of Twente (Holland) coordinates the capacity building activities under this initiative.

As the regional center of TIGER in North Africa, OSS is responsible for promoting the use of space observation technologies for the sustainable management of water resources in the region. The aim is to promote the exchange of information and experiences among national institutions by supporting the implementation of TIGER's capacity building plan.