Our Policies 

OSS has a set of policies that demonstrate the principles and procedures to assess the environmental, social and gender impacts during the preparation and implementation of measures carried out by OSS in the following circumstances:

The OSS set of policies include the following: 

The policies form an integral part of the Environmental and Social Risk Management System (ESMS) and is intended to build on the existing policies, operating procedures, and project cycle of OSS. In this context, the Policy pursues the following objectives:

  • Ensure that in furthering OSS’s mission of “strengthening the capacity of African member countries to address environmental challenges as part of a long-term, sustainable development vision for the Sahel-Sahara region”, projects and programmes supported by OSS do not result in unnecessary environmental and social harms.
  • Define a common all-encompassing framework to incorporate environmental, social and gender standards into the planning, appraisal, implementation and monitoring of measures financed by OSS.
  • Promote transparency, predictability and accountability in the decision-making processes of environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) and screenings.
  • Bring OSS’s practices in line with the practice of other international intergovernmental organizations executing and implementing environmental and development projects.
  • Encourage project proponents and Executing Entities of projects directly funded or supported through OSS to have appropriate consideration for environmental and social impacts.
  • Ensure that the management as well as the member countries and organizations of OSS understand the policy commitments made by OSS in this area.

The due diligence conducted includes the level of social and environmental risks commensurate to the scale and nature of the project being financed.