OSS Procedures

OSS has a portfolio of procedures, rules and practices detailing the processes for applying its policies and operational guidelines. 

  • Whistleblowing Procedure


This procedure details the process applied by OSS for the treatment of cases of fraud, corruption or similar acts, while guaranteeing transparency, independence and rigor.
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  • Arbitration procedure


This procedure clarifies the administrative management of cases requiring suspension, reduction or cancellation of funding. 
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  • Grant Award Evaluation Procedure


This procedure describes the procedure used by the OSS for the review, evaluation and prioritization of project proposals and funding requests submitted to OSS.
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  • Procurement Rules


This document details the OSS rules applied for the purchase of goods, the conduct of works and the acquisition of services (other than consulting services).
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  • Consulting and Advice Practices 


This document describes the practices applied by OSS to assess the needs of program and project beneficiaries for counseling and advice.
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  • External communication procedure


This procedure describes the approach adopted by OSS for external communication including the mechanism for handling complaints relating to the implementation of its interventions.
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