In line with the needs and priorities of its member countries, OSS works for the development and implementation of projects aimed at climate change adaptation and emissions mitigation. Though adaptation is the priority issue for the region, emissions mitigation and carbon sequestration potential are also of crucial importance, which encouraged OSS to adopt integrated and cross-cutting approaches.

The projects implemented by OSS in this respect focus essentially on improving the resilience and reducing the vulnerability of populations and ecosystems. An emphasis is put on strengthening environmental monitoring tools for a better assessment of vulnerability, definition of adaptation actions and establishment of early warning systems.

The projects conducted by OSS in this field are supported by awareness-raising actions and training workshops to clarify concepts and encourage the ownership of the tools developed to help populations face the adverse impacts of climate change.

Worth mentioning, OSS developed, in 2011, a framework program on climate change in Africa for the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN).