Integration Of Climate Change Adaptation Measures In The Consolidated Management Of The Transboundary Wap | Adapt-Wap Complex

Date of approval 

July 2019

Project duration

4 years (2020 – 2024)

Financial partner

  • Adaptation Fund

Participating Countries

  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger

Main beneficiaries of the project

Regional Implementation Unit ( Autonomous structure sheltered by the OSS).
Na tional Implementation Units

  • Benin: The National Center for the Management of Wildlife Reserves (CENAGREF)
  • Burkina Faso: The National Office for Protected Areas (OFINAP)
  • Niger: The General Directorate of Water and Forestry (DGEF)

Local communities

  • The local populations and local authorities at the level of the W, Arly and Pendjari parks.
  • The technical services of the ministerial departments in charge of the environment of the three countries
  • Local professional organizations
  • Professional women's organizations at the local level
  • Local NGOs 
  • Local Civil Society


Strengthening the resilience of ecosystems and improving the living conditions of the WAP complex populations to cope with climate change through an all-risk early warning system relating to droughts, floods and fires, and the implementation of concrete adaptation measures to manage such emergencies.

Expected results

  • Cimate and its risks are integrated in the management tools of the Complex;
  • The multi-risk early warning system is used by the beneficiaries to manage emergencies (A system made of a set of monitoring mechanisms that collects information on climate hazards so that populations are made aware in advance and timely and coordinated actions are taken (drought, flood and bushfires);
  • The resilience of populations and ecosystems is improved through concrete adaptation measures;
  • The living conditions of the populations are diversified and improved;
  • The relevant operators are mobilized and made aware through appropriate communication and capacity building.

Project Status
The project has been approved by the Adaptation Fund and is officially being implemented since April 2020.

OSS Role

  • Oversee the project implementation as a Regional Implementation Entity to the Adaptation Fund, collect the funds and have them dispatched to the beneficiary countries through the Project Regional Executing Unit,
  • Host the Regional Executing Unit in charge of coordinating the project activities.

Key Achievements